Top 10 Tips To Grow Your Microsoft Office Class

Number I’m gonna type a comma get to the next the criteria argument the number oh but I need the comparative operator before it so in double quotes I’m gonna say greater than and double quote enjoying it using the ampersand that’s the construction for functions like count if some if countifs with an S some ifs average if.

You can combine right in your for them now if you know anything about formulas and you use some product to do a rate calculations this is not how you do it for those type of formulas but for the countif and the formulas similar that’s how you have to combine a comparative operator and a number formula input or you actually.

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Can have other types of inputs – that will give us the same thing now why do we have to do it that way well I have a formula over here you know what I’m gonna show you the clear so here’s home there’s the clear I want to get rid of all the formatting because it’s hard to read that formula there clear the eraser does everything actual content either formula or data and the formatting for clear formatting does just the formatting and clear contents that’s like the Delete key so I’m gonna say clear format and if I put this in edit mode I can.

See I’ve joined some text and what’s ever in that cell what’s nice about this and I’m gonna control Z to put that formatting is if I come here and type enter our text formula updates are calculating formula updates so that’s awesome if we had a comparative operator there this formula wouldn’t work out so well all right.

Let’s look at our next formula example we are gonna look at the sum ifs function now in and later there’s some ifs countifs and average ifs they all make calculations with one or more condition now let’s do a former here we want to add from this column based on two conditions I’m going to type equals s um and I notice there’s this drop down we’ve seen it a few times already but I haven’t mentioned it you can arrow through this.

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