From Around the Web: 20 Fabulous Info graphics About Omaha Web design

we Center it the stuff pretty easy once we do that we can make a link so just highlight everything first we’ll make it italic then we ‘ll make it a link so just highlight his name right there or whatever you want-click on the link button and put in whatever link you want the next thing we’re going to do is click this button right here and.

Omaha Web design

we’re going to add spacer so we’re going to add it to the left side of the text on the right side the text so we’re just Omaha Web design going to click hold and drag and see this little line right here and then resize it so it’s a little tricky to get it in the right spot sometimes so let’s go ahead and add another spacer by clicking on.

It and scrolling down clicking on spacer click hold and drag where it says space and drag it to the right side Omaha Web Design and make it to the right place that’s perfect and now drag the spacer and this is the text doesn’t go all the way across super far it’s easier on the eyes to read if it just goes if it’s more in the center all right.

The next thing we ‘re going to do is add some more content so just click on that teardrop sideways teardrop type of thing add a spacer to give it a little more space and click on.

we want to add some more context so just click on Manta the add content button and click on image again because we’re Omaha Web design going to have two images side by-side alright just click add an image choose your other image and press open then click apply and just click hold and drag and we’re going to be dragging next to.